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E-commerce and Sales Outsourcing

Best for companies who need to outsource their sales and operations.

E-commerce Marketing and Sales Strategies

Through our network of resources, Leogistics Group Ltd. will help you develop new revenue opportunities to expand your business. We can show you how to:

    • outsource the purchasing of goods and services;
    • find new areas of business development;
    • work directly with B2B or B2C suppliers; and
    • develop sales strategies that include a strong online presence.
Using an e-commerce platform, we can streamline your distribution and marketing while improving sales, efficiency and effectiveness. Leogistics Group Ltd. can improve the ROI to your business with a unique e-commerce mindset.

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Supply Chain Management

Best for companies who are looking for permanent and temporary in-house and long-distance resources.

Specialized Services​​

Best for companies who need project success.​

Project Management

Best for companies who need Project Coordination.

Project Staffing Solutions

Best for companies who need high-level professionals for in-house or remote support.

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