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Best for companies who need project expertise.

We provide essential coordination between all stakeholders to ensure a holistic look at your project, being a single point of contact for your team. We will develop a project management plan that considers the goals of the project, while balancing schedule, budget and risk. We will lay out timelines using proven best practices tailored to your specific needs to ensure your projects success.

Project Initiation

Leogistics Group Ltd. Project Management Consultants will work with our clients during the early stages to understand your goals; what will success mean to you. We will carefully consider the project inputs and provide a realistic assessment of the project, highlight risks and develop a plan to achieve the successful completion of your project.

Strategy and Planning

Our consultants have over 20+ years of experience in the Construction industry to bring your project to completion. We will:


  • Determine your strategic position;
  • Prioritize your objectives;
  • Eliminate, mitigate or work with your team to develop a contingency plan to any known risks;
  • Develop a plan to mitigate or eliminate risk when possible, and prepare a contingency plan for remaining acceptable risk;
  • Manage and execute the plan; and
  • Update and revise the plan, being adaptable as needed.

Project Execution

Our consultants will be the single point of contact for your project during the execution phase; we will coordinate with the various stakeholders, and collect and analyze data to ensure your project is executing as planned. We will proactively track key milestones, highlight any new risks and course correct if and when required.

During this phase we will:

  • Review and update resource schedules as needed;
  • Execute project management plans;
  • Coordinate with Construction, SCM and other Stakeholders;
  • Schedule and Coordinate progress meetings; and
  • Adjust project plans as needed.

Monitor and Control

We will work with your team to key performance indicators, to know that your project is on track. We will look for any early indicators that suggest a variance to your project’s budget and schedule and work with all stakeholders to develop a plan to get you back on track.

Project Closure

Our consultants value working proactively to prepare for the completion of your project. We begin collecting documentation as the project is progressing so that when your project is complete, all your documentation is in place, including:

  • Redlines;
  • Punchlist; and
  • Final project reports.

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