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Claims Managment

Claims can happen from time to time. At Leogistics, we help our clients navigate the claims process. Our experts will help your business resolve these claims before they escalate further.


We can also work with our clients to do a cold eyes review of the situation that led to the claim, to avoid these situations in the future.

Risk Managment

We help our clients to develop, improve and analyze their business process documentation including:

  • Scopes of Work;
  • Terms and Conditions; and
  • Business Processes and Work Practices.
We can help our clients proactively identify, assess, mitigate and manage risk.

Our consultants specialize in helping customers understand and address vulnerabilities through customized solutions based on their unique requirements. We will help you or your company assess potential impacts and prepare a contingency plan to ensure business continuity while keeping your budget in mind.

The globalization of supply chains has inherent vulnerabilities. With the potential for economic unrest, demand fluctuations, pandemics,  or natural or human-made disasters, businesses need a resilient and experienced team to minimize the impact.

Businesses need a resilient and experienced team to minimize the impacts.

SCM Representation

We are available to represent our clients in all supply chain activities in-person, over the phone or by video conference.


We develop customized reports for our clients to help manage their budgets and Supply Chain deliverables. We will establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will provide relevant information to your team and keep your projects on track.

We can also review existing data to look for efficiencies, reducing the time required to finalize a reporting cycle. We will suggest any additional KPIs that will better enable your company to manage its project.

Providing comprehensive reporting that is appropriate to risk, we will create better visibility to the actionable items for your team.

Third-Party Services and 3PL

We can manage your outsourcing activities and engage third parties for procurement, services and logistics, as well as provide guidance and insight on lesser-known activities such as such as fuel tax recovery, insurance, and other services that organizations may not have time or resources to spare.

Precious Metals Consulting and Investing

Real assets are an essential addition to any portfolio to protect, preserve, and grow wealth. We offer the best platform to purchase Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium at wholesale prices. Leogistics Group Ltd is the outsourcing brokerage solution for New World Precious Metals Corp, Calgary’s only precious metals brokerage firm and its partner Prcoiues Metals International.

Through Leogistics Group Ltd, you can purchase bullion at wholesale and receive a secure storage account, fully insured with internationally recognized depositories specializing in precious metals products. For more information, contact us, and we can direct you to a broker in your area or email us at leo@newworldpm.com.

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Supply Chain Management

Best for companies who are looking for permanent and temporary in-house and long-distance resources.

Project Staffing Solutions

Best for companies who need high-level professionals for in-house or remote support.

Project Management

Best for companies who need Project Coordination.

E-Commerce and Sales Outsourcing

Best for companies who need to outsource their sales and operations.

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