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Supply Chain Management Services

Best for companies who need permanent and temporary in-house or remote resources.

Planning and Strategy

Our consultants help our clients develop a contracting and procurement strategy that will lower cost and optimize schedules.


The role of our procurement consultants is to help businesses evolve in this competitive market. Today, cross-functional teams must work closely with their internal clients to mitigate risks, create competitive advantage and drive enterprise growth. Supply Chain is an important part of those teams.

Leogistics Group Ltd. helps businesses build, train and manage high-performing procurement personnel to rapidly achieve more efficient results. Through the experience of our team members, we have a large network of resources available to us and our clients.

Contract Formation

Our experts are available to manage the entirety of contract formation activities, including:


  • Strategy Development;
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators;
  • Bid / Tender Documents;
  • Contract formation, negotiation and award; and
  • Contract Kick-Off.

We can also provide guidance as an objective second opinion, or fill in for activities where additional support is required.

Contract Administration​

Our experts will manage either the full-life-cycle of contract activities or fill in as needed where additional support is required:


  • Qualification of suppliers, ensuring they are able to meet your business needs;
  • Bid / tender process;
  • Contract formation, negotiation and award;
  • Ongoing administration;
  • Expediting;
  • Transportation and Logistics;
  • Supplier Performance Management, developing and enforcing key performance indicators in the contract; and
  • Contract Close-Out.

Change Management

We work with our clients to minimize the impact of change management. We validate the proposed changes, ensure all changes are documented, and draft and execute any necessary change management document.

Project Closeout​

Our experts work with our clients to complete project and financial close-out activities; essential to understanding total cost of the project, minimizing any further financial obligation and proper valuation of the assets.

We will complete final contractual documentation, resolve any claims or back charge issues and all ensure financial obligations have been agreed to and finalized.

In-house and Online Contract Administration Training

As organizations today are entering into increasingly complex contracts, they need a SCM representative that will add value to their organization. We offer in-house and online Contract Administration training for persons looking to increase their understanding of the field; providing trainees with a better understanding of what to look for when managing their own contracts.

We discuss all significant contracting activities, using a life cycle approach, enabling contract administrators to add value throughout the contracting process.

More Services

Specialized Services​

Best for companies who need project success.​

Project Staffing Solutions

Best for companies who need high-level professionals for in-house or remote support.

Project Management

Best for companies who need Project Coordination.

E-Commerce and Sales Outsourcing

Best for companies who need to outsource their sales and operations.

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